what we do...

Product Designing & Prototyping

We are a one stop design house that can help to take your ideas from rapid prototyping to volume production.

Metal Fabrication & Manufacturing

We know that every product, project, company and inventor is different. We offer many flexible services around material fabrication and manufacturing to fits your requirement.

Electronic & Electrical Systems

We design and engineer electrical systems and electronics systems according to the standards which fulfill your product requirements.

Software Solutions

We offer industry-specific, fully integrated applications and data driven solutions for the optimal Cloud-powered enterprise.

IoT Solutions

Don’t get stuck in proof of concept. We are capable to simplify your complex landscapes. Tap into our in-house expertise for a complete & secure solution from sensor to cloud. Our IoT solutions and products will bring digital transformation to your business.

Web Development

We guarantee a unique web design each time, crafted specifically for your brand, analyzing your potential customers, competitors and the industry.

Mobile App Development

We design and engineer apps for iOS and Android both as standalone solutions or with API based integrations with online / cloud platforms.